Our Team

  • Ismael Gonzales

    Chief Engineer

    Ismael has worked at the Financial Plaza for over 20 years and began working for Topa Management Company in March of 2002. Ismael is experienced with Pneumatic Systems, Variable frequency drive, GE lighting controls, rebuilt motors, pumps and various HVAC systems. He has 10 yeas of Electrical experience 11 of locksmith, CSI Controls fire systems and various other engineering concerns. Mr. Gonzales holds many certifications in Engineering and continues to grow in areas that benefit the Topa Financial Plaza and its tenants.

  • Ivonne Flores

    Accounting Clerk

    Ms. Flores has dedicated over 5 years to The Financial Plaza and its tenants. She is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable for the Topa Financial Plaza. This encompasses management of all tenant receipts, billing, statements and vendor invoices. With her smile and hard work she ensures that all internal and external tenants and vendors receive excellent care.

  • Sherri Zampese-Perez

    Property Administrator

    Sherri Zampese-Perez has been the tenant services coordinator for the management office since March 2004. Sherri assists the tenants with building matters, manages the day to day operations of the buildings engineering crew and deals directly with the supervisor of the janitorial crew.